Blackberry Bold 9000 by RIM

BlackBerry has been innovating with product after product. With the new family of BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and 8900, they have a great lineup for the rest of the year. Today we’re taking a look at the sleek new BlackBerry Bold 9000 on AT&T.

Blackberry Bold 9000 by RIM. Canada's Rogers Wireless has had their Blackberry Bold out for a little while now and has gotten excellent reviews. The Bold is a smartphone with a lot of features for business people as well as media enthusiasts as well.

After several months of delays from AT&T, the Blackberry Bold is now available in the United States.In total, the Blackberry Bold measures about 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5-inches and weighs a little under 5 ounces, which is perfect for your hand and your pocket.

The sides of the device are lined with a metallic stripe, which makes it look very professional, along with a leathery textured back, which makes it very easy to handle. The 2.75-inch non-touch screen display is stunningly vibrant at 65,000 colors and 480x320-pixel resolution.

We can say that it is the best looking screen we have ever seen, including better than the Apple iPhone 3G. As we mentioned, it is not a touch screen, but there's no need for on with the very functional navigational features. The Bold has a QWERTY keyboard that is similar to the Blackberry Curve, but even better.

All in all, the new RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a fantastic smartphone that both business exec's and the average user will love. The 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi as well means that you'll be connected to the Internet wherever you go.

The Bold's magnificent display is the best quality LCD we have seen on any cell phone to date. If you are a current AT&T customer looking to upgrade or are looking to get out of your current carrier, the BlackBerry Bold is the phone to get if you want excellent performance and a QWERTY keyboard.

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