FCC Approves Latest Samsung I7500 Android Phone

The news for those who were waiting on the Samsung I7500 (who’s that, loving?): the FCC has approved the device, so you can expect to see it in retail in the coming months. The spicy ingredient in that phone is the 3.2″ AMOLED screen that should be brilliant, whether it’s anything close to the OMNIA HD.

The phone is rumored to go on T-Mobile’s network but there is no official comment from the carrier. Samsung I7500 specificationsSamsung’s Android-powered i7500 has taken one small step in its long march towards an official US launch.

The i7500, known to have support for T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G band, has made its way though the FCC with tri-band UMTS/HSPA intact. T-Mobile customers may have a long wait for this hot new handset however.
As rumors place its arrival in November — just in time for the holiday season. It may seem a bit crazy considering we’ve already eyed a few more upcoming Android handsets from Sammy but hey, T-Mobile customers, you’ve got plenty to be excited about in the coming months.

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