Mobile Anti Virus In anti-virus company Kaspersky

Viruses from the desktop and laptop world have either migrated to, or are assisted in their dispersal by mobile devices. Antivirus vendors are beginning to offer solutions for mobile handsets. These devices present significant challenges for antivirus software, such as microprocessor constraints, memory constraints and new signature updates to these mobile handsets.

anti-virus company Kaspersky unveiled its new AV software for corporate mobiles phones – protecting all that valuable valuable data that you're bound to lose anyway in the back of a taxi at 3 in the morning.

The mouthful that is the Mobile Security Enterprise Edition protects the likes of Windows Mobile and Symbian phones from spam and malware and builds an SMS firewall. It’s a mystery why the likes of BlackBerry are missing from the suite, when they would be the perfect candidate and market for these types of business security modules.

Also thrown in for good measure is a bolt-in for those drunken exploits in the back of a taxi, when you do lose your mobile phone. An IT department can remotely access a handset with Kaspersky’s anti-theft module and block the phone from being used, or even wipe all contents with a simple text message.

Bundled into the mobile phone's protection suite is also a feature for SIM monitoring, where details of the SIM card being pulled from the handset are reported – where the same actions for having a handset lost can be performed too.

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