New Facebook spam Going to Attack

Facebook under severe problems now, Have you been hit like millions of Facebook users by a new phishing scam that can result in crashing your computers or mobile phones and steal your passwords? If not, beware, do not open the files ending with ".At" or ".Be".

The phishing scam is being run through the spam messages which steals the sensitive information of the Facebook users.

In the attack, the messages are circulated with a subject line of "Hello" and a prompt to check out "areps.At" or other URLs ending in ".At".

The mails with the subject line "Look at This" and links like --,,, -- leads to some malicious Web sites, which if visited, could secretly download malware onto computers through a "drive-by download" application.

The URL connectivity, before being blocked directs the visitor to a fake Facebook page and the mail ID and password are stolen as soon as it is logged-in again.

According to the All Facebook blog.Facebook, the password in such cases should be changed immediately and the same message should be sent across to one's Facebook acquaintance.

"Whoever is behind the scam has been steadily amassing a large number of e-mail addresses and passwords over the past few weeks," the blog says.

Though, Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said: "The impact of this attack or the previous ones are not widespread and only impacted a tiny fraction of a per cent of users.

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