Mobile operators new revenue streams

Mobile advertising offers operators a new way to drive business results and increase user satisfaction, according to a Comverse presentation at the upcoming Mobile Advertising 2009 in Amsterdam, a premier event for the mobile marketing and advertising industry.
Mobile operators familiar with the age-old problems of winning new customers and retaining existing ones, along with increasing average revenue per user and developing new revenue streams.

Recent economic conditions mean these issues will only become more acute, as operators look to cut costs and the pressure to grow the business becomes increasingly intense.

A key aspect for operators addressing these challenges is the modern application of customer relationship management (CRM) principles.

Two of the main drivers behind CRM are, of course, to keep customers from going elsewhere and to move them up the value chain. These are both a challenge in the evolving economic climate.

In terms of subscribers moving to other operators, ie. churning, the point of upgrade has traditionally represented a natural opportunity to switch between operators but as cash conscious-consumers often hang onto their phones for longer, the upgrade cycle may be extended.
This means that each upgrade matters so much more to an operator--it is more essential than ever to retain or win a customer around the switch than at any other time. If operators lose a subscriber today, they could be gone for two or more years.

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