Motorolla New MOTO VE465 is a flip phone

The latest is the most pleasing sight of Motorola’s new MOTO VE465 on its website. Nothing much has been said about this mobile phone elsewhere, except on the FCC. So we guess we are among the first, if not actually the first, to bring you the details on this cell phone.

As you will see from the pictures below, the MOTO VE465 is a flip phone, which possesses the looks and style that Motorola is famed for creating, along with being reasonable on the pocket as well. This cell phone looks really elegant, with a slim body and the usual external glass display that all MOTO models possess.

The CDMA MOTO VE465 comes with two lighting modes, “call” and “media”. The phone keys turn white while in “media” mode and blue in “call” mode. You can also play around with some nice features that include SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Stereo Bluetooth, USB sync, removable storage up to 4GB, music player and the ability to play music without having to open the flip lid. The keypad is designed with raised keys, so as to make dialing that much simpler.

Motorola truly delivers yet another rocking performance with the MOTO VE465, which is due for release in Q1 2009. You can choose from Titanium or Sterling Blue colors. The details of pricing are yet to be known.

Well looki here. Motorola apparently has a few tricks up its sleeve that might just surprise us in the coming year. Well they would have any way, if our trusty ninja didn’t come through with the goods! Moto fans, feast your eyes on four sexy handsets coming your way in what is shaping up to be Motorola’s final shot at survival. For the time being details are slim; in fact pretty much all we have are images, the knowledge that they’re all hitting Verizon Wireless, code names and a 2009 time frame (though we do know the RUSH 2 will be out during Q1, likely early in the quarter). We’re seeing some big changes here in terms of common styling cues from Moto - just look at the FLASH, pictured above. Sharp angles and raised, blended buttons - it actually looks pretty hot! There’s plenty more where that came from of course, so hit the jump for shots of the other three handsets.

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