Nokia with "light messaging" Now available

The emotions are delivered from your nokia mobiles phones, because nokia now creating the new technology called light messaging for his new model mobile phone.
This new feature lets you express a mood while having an ongoing call or while sending a text message by using colored lights.

The color is used to light up an LED array on top of the recipient's correspondingly operational light-messaging phone.Just think of these subtle SMS emoticons in the form of colored lighting and you'll have an idea of what the Finns are up to. It works like this.

Before you hit Send, you get an option to select a color, and depending on your mood or the urgency of the SMS, you can select red for high priority (or fuming mad) or blue for sad.

The encoded color will then be displayed either via LEDs or on the keypad of the receiver's phone.

Sending light messages to other users allows an improved communication that expresses moods like 'I am happy', or 'angry' by selecting light indicating signals to be included with the message.

For example, a blue color may indicate happiness, and a red color may indicate anger. It should be noted that the selected color(s) may indicate various emotions.

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