Sony Ericsson C901 Eco Mobile Phone May Cost More Than £300

Sony Ericsson launched two mobile phones with green eco-credentials; the C901 Greenheart and the Naite showed that the Japanese company was ready to make tackle the threat of environmental disaster with more than just words.

Yesterday, a live chat stream brought together some of the people who worked at Sony Ericsson on the whole ecological and environmental-friendliness of Sony Ericsson as a company and manufacturer of mobile phones, one of the most resource-hungry, polluting and popular "consumables" in the world.

Amongst the various details that were released, we learnt that the recommended retail prices in Germany for the Naite would be 159 Euros and the C901 GH would hit 359 Euros.

Adjusting for the exchange rate and the fact that VAT in Germany is 19 percent, it can be safely assumed that the SIM free versions of the Naite would be sold for £136 while the C901 GH would retail for £307 approximately.

They will also feature a range of environmentally-friendly applications, such as a carbon footprint calculator, and a pedometer, dubbed WalkMate.

The C901 Greenheart is being tipped for release during the second quarter of this year, with the Naite expected to go on sale shortly afterwards.

Sony Ericsson's release schedule for this year also includes the Satio, a 12 megapixel cameraphone, and the successor to the Xperia X1, the Xperia X2.

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