Hewlett Packard with Mobile computing

Hewlett Packard, the world’s largest technology company, now has a portfolio encompassing hardware, software and services for enterprises, SMBs and consumers. Mobile computing will be one of the company’s key focus area for the future.

It believes that mobiles will soon be the main device to access information. All services, for example mobile payments and SMS for reality shows, though will need a robust back-end comprising storage and servers.

The Cooltown Innovation Centre in Singapore is a window to what the largest technology company in the world is busy doing. A digital home — a house as good as a digital media and entertainment hub — equipped with a virtual personal assistant to book flight tickets, arrange contacts and also receive and transmit instructions.

Apple made large concessions to China Unicom : 5 million iPhones to China

China Unicom has been selected as the sole distributor of iPhones in China, according to a report in the International Business Times today. While the deal has yet to be finalized, the company has purchased 5 million WCDMA iPhones without Wi-Fi from Apple at a price of 10 billion yuan (US$1.46 billion).

As for the iPhone, it is expected to sell for $350 and $700 for the 8GB and the 16GB versions respectively in China. The phone will obviously face stiff competition from well endowed similar looking clones (remember the Meizu MB, anyone?) that makes the iPhone look like an expensive brick. Then there are the new Android oPhone based phones, including the Dell one that is expected to land there soon.

The International Business Times report notes that Apple made large concessions to China Unicom in order to enter the massive Chinese market. To give some scale to the size of this sale, Apple reported during the 3Q 2009 conference call with Wall Street analysts that they had sold a total of 5.2 million iPhones in the last quarter.

Samsung ST550 and ST500 Camera Series: 2 LCD screens

Samsung launch of a new series of digital cameras with two LCD screens – an extra one at the front. This way, photographers can snap the perfect picture with themselves in it. The hidden 1.5-inch LCD in the front will also help photographers by displaying a countdown timer when the camera is in autotimer mode.

What's special about them is that they help you take self-pictures - thanks to its dual LCD (one each at the front and back). The ST550 and ST500 are the two camera models that will feature this technology.Both cameras feature a 12.3 megapixel sensor and a 27mm wide angle Schneider Kreuznach lens with 4.6x optical zoom.

The 1.5-inch TFT LCD located on the front of the camera is common to both camera models. This display can be used for shooting self, with self-timer, for shutter info, function info as well as children modes. In fact, while taking self shots, there is no need to even press the shutter button - just a big smile will trigger the cameras to take the picture, says Samsung.

The camera also has decent HD video recording capabilities with 1280 x 720 resolution at 30 fps. The digital cameras will be marketed as model numbers ST550 and ST500 in the UK, while they’ll hit market shelves as the TL225 and TL220 respectively in US stores. The former model includes an HDMI socket, and comes in black, gold, orange, and purple. The latter model comes in silver, red, or blue.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Price List : Codenamed BlackBerry Gemini

BlackBerry Curve 8520, one of RIM’s unannounced smartphones, has just appeared in several live photos. And, surprisingly, it doesn’t have a traditional trackball.There’s a new berry on the block, and this one’s supposed to be “designed for India.”

No, that thankfully doesn’t mean it has a torch which can double up as the headlamp of a truck. It’s cheaper, is available on prepaid connections for the first time and is a bit more rugged. It was officially supposed to be in stores from last Friday, which means you should, by now be able to pick it up from Airtel outlets in most metros.

Codenamed BlackBerry Gemini (yes, this is the Gemini, not the 8325), the new handset lacks 3G connectivity – like all the other GSM Curves currently available.But this may be compensated by the very nice overall design, the rubberized sides and dedicated multimedia keys.

If you already use a Blackberry Curve 8900 (Javelin) or a Bold 9000, then there’s not much point “downgrading” to the new Curve 8520 “Gemini”. If you’re looking to switch from a Curve 8300 series phone or are interested in buying your first Blackberry, then the 8520 is a very interesting proposition.

3g Tags

"Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012" to its report gallery. The Indian mobile market has recorded stupendous growth over the past few years on the back of easy availability of low cost devices.


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