New cell phone to well growing rural India

Economists have slashed Indian economic growth forecasts for this year and the stock market is in the doldrums. But cellphone companies are signing millions of new subscribers a month, making India the fastest growing mobile-phone market in the world. There is no sign of a slowdown yet.

Intex Technologies and it is firm to modernize the rural India in a new way. Intex Technologies is going to present a unique cell phone handset to the rural India.

Intex Technologies highly equipped 13-year-old IT Hardware, Mobile Phones and Electronics company with its headquarter in New Delhi. The company has a pan-India presence though its own network of 2 mother-warehouses, 28 branches, 2 regional offices, 61 service centres, 111 service franchisees and 11 resident service engineers.

In addition, brand ‘Intex’ covers 6 business segments- Computer Peripherals, PC, GSM Mobile Phones, Consumer Electronics, Retail and Enterprise Business.

It has built for itself a high credibility amongst its vast network of channel partners and several million satisfied end users by offering value-for-money quality products supported by effective service and a consistent policy of transparent, fair and ethical dealings

Intex Technologies has already introduced the novel mobile handset- INTEX Hero for the rural consumers at a price of Rs. 2999/ and it is hoped that more and more Indians will start using it shortly.

What is the uniqueness then? There is the presence of 45 days stand-by battery life in the phone and this enables people to talk freely, even if there is any scarcity of power.

In addition, the presence of FM radio, camera, expandable memory, MP3 audio player and 1000 contacts phonebook memory make the cell phone more decorous.

Rural customers "have been hungry for mobile phones for a long time, so demand will remain unaffected," by the global jitters, said S.P. Shukla, chief executive officer of the mobile business at Reliance Communications India Ltd., India's second-largest cellular company by number of subscribers, after Bharti Airtel.

Reliance launched a new $2 billion nationwide network in January that reaches more than 24,000 towns and 600,000 villages.

International wireless giants are clamoring for a piece of the action. Last year, Vodafone Holdings PLC took over India's fourth-largest cellular company by number of subscribers. In December, Japan's NTT Docomo Inc. announced it will pay almost $3 billion for a 26% stake in Tata Teleservices Ltd.

Bolt Browser Hit the top-operaMini on trouble

Bolt is written in Java ME like Opera Mini and according to Bitstream can run on "nearly all" Java based handsets that support MIDP 2 and CLDC 1.0. The only handsets Bitstream specifically says Bolt will not run on are ones using the Palm OS. Blackberries and "selected" Windows Mobile handsets are specifically mentioned as supported.

Since Bolt browser made its debut at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in February, it has been on a promotion spree. The efforts, it seems, have paid off well for BitStream, the developers of Bolt.

The fact that Bolt has more active users in India than in any other country outside North America, comes as a surprise to the folks at BitStream. One in six of Bolt's active users reside in India-- just four months after the initial launch of the browser.

Bolt has a good set of well chosen one click shortcut keys for page up/down, column left/right, bookmarking the current page, entering a new URL, switching to the bookmarks or history pages and opening the built in RSS reader.

BitStream added that Indian users have visited more than 5 million web pages and consumed more than 1 terabyte (1,000 gigabytes) of bandwidth using the mobile browser since it debuted.

Bolt Browser claims to be much faster than its competitors and is web-kit based. Like Opera Mini, it too has a compression mechanism that enables users to save on data transmission costs. Learn more about the browser here.

Featurewise Bolt is fairly basic. Like Opera Mini. tabbed browsing and copying text from web pages aren't suported (UCWEB can do both). Pages can't be saved although images in pages can be "downloaded".

Dowloading of both images and files launches the phone's built in browser. Unlike Opera Mini, Bolt on the N95 and 7100i does not close when it launches the phone browser, a big plus because it means you don't lose your place on the page.

WiMAX Forum joining with Tata Communications

The WiMAX Form today announced the joining of Tata Communications to its Board of Directors with Prateek Pashine, COO Retail Broadband Unit, Tata Communications to serve as representative to the WiMAX Forum Board.

Here Electing Tata to the board demonstrates the WiMAX Forum’s commitment to the Indian market and signifies the company’s importance to the WiMAX ecosystem worldwide, said Ron Resnick, president and chairman of the WiMAX Forum.

After Tata Communications has demonstrated its confidence that WiMAX is the leading 4G technology, and they have articulated their plans to bring broadband services to consumers in India through WiMAX.

The strong representation by global operators to the WiMAX Forum board shows how evolved the WiMAX ecosystem has become, added Pashine. Various researches have predicted that India will play an important role in the development of the Global WiMAX ecosystem.

we will bring that perspective to the forefront within the Forum. Markets like India have unique product and business model needs which we expect would lead the way for other markets and operators around the world.

Tata Communications joins companies including Airspan Networks, Alcatel-Lucent, Alvarion, Aperto Networks, British Telecom, Clearwire Corporation, Comcast Cable, Fujitsu, Huawei Technologies, Information and Communications Research Laboratories at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Intel Corporation, KDDI, KT, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sprint, and ZTE on the Board of WiMAX Forum.

New Facebook spam Going to Attack

Facebook under severe problems now, Have you been hit like millions of Facebook users by a new phishing scam that can result in crashing your computers or mobile phones and steal your passwords? If not, beware, do not open the files ending with ".At" or ".Be".

The phishing scam is being run through the spam messages which steals the sensitive information of the Facebook users.

In the attack, the messages are circulated with a subject line of "Hello" and a prompt to check out "areps.At" or other URLs ending in ".At".

The mails with the subject line "Look at This" and links like --,,, -- leads to some malicious Web sites, which if visited, could secretly download malware onto computers through a "drive-by download" application.

The URL connectivity, before being blocked directs the visitor to a fake Facebook page and the mail ID and password are stolen as soon as it is logged-in again.

According to the All Facebook blog.Facebook, the password in such cases should be changed immediately and the same message should be sent across to one's Facebook acquaintance.

"Whoever is behind the scam has been steadily amassing a large number of e-mail addresses and passwords over the past few weeks," the blog says.

Though, Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt said: "The impact of this attack or the previous ones are not widespread and only impacted a tiny fraction of a per cent of users.

Samsung SGH-t349 Fully Covered with Option

The new Samsung SGH-t349 sports a candybar form factor, and includes a nice range of multimedia features, as well as support for the operator's MyFaves service. Among the specs of the device we can count a 1.3-megapixel photo snapper, as well as one-touch access to favorite messaging features, a music player, and a microSD memory card slot for additional storage space of up to 4GB.

This Samsung handset features Bluetooth and Internet connectivity. It supports EDGE and GPRS class 10(850/1800/1900 MHz) along with web2go. This T-Mobile’s myFaves enabled device also accommodates an e-mail client.

Samsung SGH-T349 measures 4.49 x 1.97 x 0.53 inches and weighs only 3.2 ounces. The phone includes a 2.2-inch 262K TFT color screen that has a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels.

The handset flaunts a standard lithium ion battery that provides up to 7 hours of talk-time or 300 hours of standby time.

The new Samsung SGH-t349 stylish messaging handset can already be acquired from T-Mobile for only $14.99 upon the signing of a two-year contract agreement.

Given the low price tag it features, as well as the messaging functionality it has been packed with, the new mobile phone should seem like a good option for enthusiasts.

Sony Ericsson C905 is a high-end mobile phone

Sony Ericsson next series mobiles now available all over the world, these mobiles are user friendly specially recent series mobile Sony Ericsson C905.The Sony Ericsson C905 looks gorgeous and is laden with features that are new and advanced. The mobile works at every place of the world for it is GSM enabled.

The alluring 104 x 49 x 18-19.5 mm dimensions of the mobile, makes it incumbent on users to carry it anywhere very easily. The user can access the internet facility on the way while travelling. The handset can be used to download song, music and ringtones of one's choice.

QVGA (240x320) 2.4" 18-bit colour LCD screen
Scratch-resistant surface
8.1 megapixel CMOS (3264x2448, 7.99 effective megapixels)
Autofocus lens
Xenon flash, 3-LED videolight, focus assist lamp, self portrait mirror
Image stabilizer
Face detection auto focus up to 3 faces
Smile Shutter (New added, users can update it using the update service option)
Auto Rotate
16x digital zoom

Video recording: QVGA (320x240) @30fps
Dedicated camera still/record/review key
Dual Function D-Pad
Mechanical lens cover
Blog link
GPS with A-GPS, with picture geotagging support**
WLAN 802.11b/g, DLNA technology
NetFront 4.5 web browser with Autorotate
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Apple iSync supported via a free plugin from Sony Ericsson

The user remains benefited with the TFT screen being used to play games and videos at a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Thus the phone can be used for entertainment purposes. The user can also play music on the MP3 player and listen to radio programs on the FM radio. The memory of the Sony Ericsson C905 can be extended up to 2 GB. This space is utilised to store large files. It connects well with alternative connectivity options such as Bluetooth.

Bharti Airtel launch Airtel Net PC in India

Bharti Airtel India's leading Mobile network and India's leading telecom company, is planning to launch Airtel Net PC, a low cost online computer powered by Microsoft and Nivio. It is priced at Rs 7,999 for Airtel broadband customers.

plug-and-play online computer, Airtel Net PC, includes a 15-inch LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse and Nivio companion. Bharti Airtel sources said that initially the PC would be available at Airtel stores and NEXT Electronic stores in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida from Saturday, May 23.

Airtel is offering net PC in three entry packs - Home at Rs. 699 per month, Professional at Rs. 899 per month and Business at Rs. 1,199 per month.

The Home Pack gives 256kbps Airtel broadband connection with 3GB data transfer cap, online desktop service with 10GB storage and Microsoft Office standard. Professional pack offers Airtel broadband at same speed, data transfer cap, 10GB online storage and MS office standard with Admin rights.

While the Business pack offers again the same 256 kbps broadband connection with 3GB data transfer cap, 10GB online storage and MS Office Premium with Admin rights.

Airtel's Net PC might have an added advantage of 15-inch LCD, keyboard and mice over Nova netPC.

Nokia 3G Mobiles 2730 classic, 2720 fold and 7020

Nokia with 3g travel is now start in india, Nokia made public three youthful cell phones namely Nokia 2730 classic, Nokia 2720 fold and Nokia 7020. They are designed to give a new outlook to information and entertainment. These phones will make life easier and faster by better accessibility to the Internet.

First up is the Nokia 2730 Classic, a candybar that’s bound to become as popular as the 6700.And with its 3G capability and a drop-dead price of 80 Euros ($108), this definitely would be a sought-after device when released in the third quarter of 2009.

The power of the internet is undeniable. We’ve seen mobile technologies catalyze the growth of the informal sector across the world, empowering local entrepreneurs and having an immediate and lasting impact on people’s lives.

Services like Nokia Life Tools and Ovi Mail, combined with the mobile phones we’re launching today, bring powerful solutions that can be the gateway to knowledge, entertainment and people, without the need for a PC.

The other handset is Nokia 7020. this handset is an affordable low-ender that packs the same punch in a flip phone form factor.Nokia 2730 classic and Nokia 2720 fold are expected to hit the markets in the third quarter of 2009, priced at €80 and €55 respectively. The Nokia 7020 will be in stores in the fourth quarter of 2009 at a retail price of €90 excluding additional charges.

Nokia with "light messaging" Now available

The emotions are delivered from your nokia mobiles phones, because nokia now creating the new technology called light messaging for his new model mobile phone.
This new feature lets you express a mood while having an ongoing call or while sending a text message by using colored lights.

The color is used to light up an LED array on top of the recipient's correspondingly operational light-messaging phone.Just think of these subtle SMS emoticons in the form of colored lighting and you'll have an idea of what the Finns are up to. It works like this.

Before you hit Send, you get an option to select a color, and depending on your mood or the urgency of the SMS, you can select red for high priority (or fuming mad) or blue for sad.

The encoded color will then be displayed either via LEDs or on the keypad of the receiver's phone.

Sending light messages to other users allows an improved communication that expresses moods like 'I am happy', or 'angry' by selecting light indicating signals to be included with the message.

For example, a blue color may indicate happiness, and a red color may indicate anger. It should be noted that the selected color(s) may indicate various emotions.

LG enV Touch Phone release Later Next Month

To over come the palm computer now arise another era in the mobile world, even iphone too not matched this one what is that??????watch it here...Somehow Someone has apparently tipped off Engadget Mobile that the LG enV Touch might launch on June 5.

Slated as the much-awaited Voyager replacement, the enV Touch has a 3-inch touch screen on the front, a 3-inch internal screen, a full QWERTY keyboard on the inside, plus a few multimedia features like a 3.2-megapixel camera, a full HTML browser, EV-DO, and more.

The LG VX11000 enV Touch is also believed to feature a microSD card slot, as described on its leaked Verizon Equipment Guide document. The large external touchscreen display appears to sport a row of softkeys along the bottom, for quick access to various phone applications and features.

The phone also features a dedicated camera button, to activate its 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera. Since it is not listed on the latest Verizon rebate form, it is believed that the LG enV Touch will launch sometime after June 4.

The enV Touch will supposedly sell for $219.99 with a two-year contract and a $70 rebate. If this does turn out to be true, I guess we'll have a very busy first week in June.

The LG VX9200 enV3 is now believed to be launching on May 29, priced at $129.99 after a 2-year commitment and mail-in rebate. This model is believed to offer a microSD card slot and 3 megapixel camera. The QWERTY keyboard is reportedly paired with a full-HTML capable web browser, as well.

Nokia 6600i Slide Is Releashed For World

New version of mobiles are now announced in nokia, Nokia has now introduced an updated version of its 6600 mobile phone, now called the 6600i slide, which upgrades the camera to 5 megapixels with autofocus and adds a dual LED flash.

The 6600i has quad-band GSM/EDGE radios, as well as support for 850/2100 3G bands. Additionally, it comes with an accelerometer for tap controls, support for 16GB microSD cards, Bluetooth 2.0, and FM radio.

The new Nokia 6600i Slide runs Series 40 and will be available in the third quarter of 2009 in select markets. It comes in two colors, Silver and Black.

The combination of 3G connectivity and excellent imaging capabilities, 5 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, and bright 2.2” display with 16 million colors, make capturing and sharing of memorable moments via various Internet services truly enjoyable.

With an additional micro SD card the memory is expandable up to 16GB. In-box come a 1GB micro SD card and the Nokia stereo headset WH-203 with FM radio.

The Nokia 6600i slide has an estimated retail price of EUR 200 excluding taxes and subsidies and it is expected to start shipping in select markets in the third quarter of 2009.

SplashData have launched version 2.0 of File Magic for iPhone

Simplify Media has launched Simplify Music 2.0 applications (iTunes link) for iPhone and Apple iPod Touch, offering new features including search for albums, artists, and song titles.

It additionally has the ability to tag favourite songs, create a playlists inside the app while on the go, and a new scrub bar to jump around inside audio books and podcasts.

SplashData have launched version 2.0 of File Magic for iPhone. File Magic is a file transfer utility that enables you to drag and drop any type of file on your desktop to your iPhone or iPod touch so you can take them with you - like a briefcase.

It comes with free desktop companion software that makes it very easy to sync documents, videos, music or pictures from your Windows or Mac desktop to your iPhone or iPod touch.

With the new version, you can now "beam" files wirelessly between iPhone devices. You can also email files as attachments from File Magic on the device, and the company has tightened up security with a password option to protect File Magic access.

NEW in version 2.0

Device-to-device file transfer (File Magic running on both devices; on same Wi-Fi network)
Email files as attachments from File Magic on the device
Option to set a password to protect File Magic access

FCC Approves Latest Samsung I7500 Android Phone

The news for those who were waiting on the Samsung I7500 (who’s that, loving?): the FCC has approved the device, so you can expect to see it in retail in the coming months. The spicy ingredient in that phone is the 3.2″ AMOLED screen that should be brilliant, whether it’s anything close to the OMNIA HD.

The phone is rumored to go on T-Mobile’s network but there is no official comment from the carrier. Samsung I7500 specificationsSamsung’s Android-powered i7500 has taken one small step in its long march towards an official US launch.

The i7500, known to have support for T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G band, has made its way though the FCC with tri-band UMTS/HSPA intact. T-Mobile customers may have a long wait for this hot new handset however.
As rumors place its arrival in November — just in time for the holiday season. It may seem a bit crazy considering we’ve already eyed a few more upcoming Android handsets from Sammy but hey, T-Mobile customers, you’ve got plenty to be excited about in the coming months.

Nokia E52 with 3g,wifi on the Roof

New Nokia Eseries phone,released by the Finnish producer. Taking a recently spotted image as authentic (and presenting a handset created by Nokia), we could say that a successor for E51 is close to be unveiled.

The handsets from Nokia's Eseries are widely known as being among the best business-orientated mobile phones on the market.

Starting with the E60, E61 and E70 models, released back in 2005, the Eseries devices became very popular among business users and Nokia will surely keep on releasing new products from this family.

Now, about the image with the (supposed) new phone: the picture appeared over at Just Another Mobile Phone Blog, together with the question if the device presented in it is Nokia E52.

There are no clear details to make us think this is indeed E52, but by the way the device looks, it is quite possible to be a real Nokia handset.

Nokia E52's Size 116 x 49 x 9.9 mm, 54 cc
The E52 Weight 98 grams
Nokia E52 has TFT, 16M colors Display
E52's Screen Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches

E52 Features a microSD (TransFlash) Memory Card slot, up to 16GB, 1GB included

Nokia E52

Nokia E52 has 3.2 MP Camera, 2048x1536 pixels,
enhanced fixed focus
LED flash
Video VGA @ 15fps
Secondary VGA video call camera

Nokia E52 Data Capabilities:

3G HSDPA, 10.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 2 Mbps
EDGE Class 32, 296 / 178.8 kbits
GPRS Class 32
WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
USB v2.0 microUSB

Nokia N-series with N-Theatre

N-Series handset in the near future, you might be happy to have stalled the purchase till now especially if you happen to be a movie freak exactly.Nokia India unveiled ‘N-Theatre’ offer on its N-series phones.

The new offer suggests that the buyers of Nokia N79, N85, N95, N95 8GB or N96 would now be able to pick five movies of a specific genre like action, comedy, thriller, drama and assorted free of cost.

That is because Nokia has announced the launch of its brand new Ntheatre offer which brings a selection of movies in DVD quality right on to your Nseries phone screen.

For example, movies in the action section include Spiderman, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Charlie’s Angels, Company and Border. The comedy section offers movies like You Don’t Mess With Zohan, Gods Must Be Crazy, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Golmal and Golmal Returns.

Nokia N79, N85, N95 8GB and N96, you will be entitled to select five movies of a specific genre from a choice of 5 genres viz., action, comedy, thriller, drama and assorted. The movies will be bulked on a free 4 GB multimedia card from the Nseries movie library.

The movies include an assortment of Hollywood and Bollywood hits including blockbusters such as Spiderman in Action, Jerry Maguire in Drama, Raaz in Thriller, and Gods Must be Crazy in Comedy. The offer will be valid till the end of June 2009 only.

T-Mobile May Force Smartphones Users Into Choosing Data Plans

We all know that there are not too many smartphone users who do not use some sort of data plan or the other. But, the few T-Mobile smartphone customers who are still not making full use of their smartphone are going to find it uncomfortable.

According to some sources, T-Mobile may stipulate that all new smatphones have accompanying data plans, starting as early as June.

The new smartphone data plan requirement apparently will not apply to the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Pearl Flip, Samsung Behold or Samsung Memoir. It is not clear if customers will be forced into choosing an unlimited data plan or if they will be given a choice of lower-rate data plans with lower data allowances.

Well, let us take this in a positive light - sure, it might be more expensive, but then again, so is the smartphone itself. Right? Tell us what you think.

Blackberry Bold 9000 by RIM

BlackBerry has been innovating with product after product. With the new family of BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and 8900, they have a great lineup for the rest of the year. Today we’re taking a look at the sleek new BlackBerry Bold 9000 on AT&T.

Blackberry Bold 9000 by RIM. Canada's Rogers Wireless has had their Blackberry Bold out for a little while now and has gotten excellent reviews. The Bold is a smartphone with a lot of features for business people as well as media enthusiasts as well.

After several months of delays from AT&T, the Blackberry Bold is now available in the United States.In total, the Blackberry Bold measures about 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5-inches and weighs a little under 5 ounces, which is perfect for your hand and your pocket.

The sides of the device are lined with a metallic stripe, which makes it look very professional, along with a leathery textured back, which makes it very easy to handle. The 2.75-inch non-touch screen display is stunningly vibrant at 65,000 colors and 480x320-pixel resolution.

We can say that it is the best looking screen we have ever seen, including better than the Apple iPhone 3G. As we mentioned, it is not a touch screen, but there's no need for on with the very functional navigational features. The Bold has a QWERTY keyboard that is similar to the Blackberry Curve, but even better.

All in all, the new RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000 is a fantastic smartphone that both business exec's and the average user will love. The 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi as well means that you'll be connected to the Internet wherever you go.

The Bold's magnificent display is the best quality LCD we have seen on any cell phone to date. If you are a current AT&T customer looking to upgrade or are looking to get out of your current carrier, the BlackBerry Bold is the phone to get if you want excellent performance and a QWERTY keyboard.

HTC Touch HD or HTC T828X

HTC T828X or its codename the HTC Blackstone, is a Windows Mobile 6.1-powered luxury Pocket PC designed and manufactured by HTC. Part of the HTC Touch Family, it most notably features a larger.

The device features a generous 3.8 inch wide screen TFT (65k color) touchscreen display. At 480 by 800 pixels, the Touch HD's touch-sensitive display screen can be confidently described as being truly high resolution.

HTC's exclusive TouchFLO 3D allows for finger-touch navigation, although stylus handwriting recognition is supported as well. An accelerometer sensor is included for auto-rotation of the VGA screen.

Higher-resolution display than those found in most smart-phones currently available, a 5-megapixel camera, a second front facing camera to enable Videophone functionality, an accelerometer, GPS, FM radio reception, high resolution video recording capability and SD Micro card compatibility (up to 64 GB). It also features quad band GSM and dual band UMTS connectivity, as well as the proprietary TouchFLO 3D useinterface developed by HTC.

The Touch HD features a 1350 mAh Li-ion battery, providing up to 390 minutes of talk time on WCDMA and up to 310 minutes on GSM. On standby, the phone can be expected to last up to 450 hours on WCDMA and up to 390 hours on GSM.

This phone is a perfect choice for those who love the integration of office productivity support and high-end multimedia capabilities on their phones.

Samsung i900 Omnia GSM 850 / 900 / 1800

Samsung i900 Omnia GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 HSDPA 2100 HSDPA 850 / 1900 112 x 56.9 x 12.5 mm Camera 5 MP, 2592х1944 pixels, autofocus, image stabiliser, video, flash; secondary videocall camera Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

The Samsung SGH-i900, also known as Omnia or WiTu (in Russia only), is a new mobile phone being released by Samsung Mobile. Announced in June 2008, the Omnia was launched in Singapore in mid-June, available in stores on the 20th, and in the rest of Asia in July. For some parts of Europe,

it was launched in August. The American version launched in December through Verizon Wireless while the Canadian version launched in April 2009 through Telus Mobility. The phone was expected to retail in the U.K. market for around £500 on its release.

There is rumor that Samsung is preparing its i900 touchscreen mobile phone. The Samsung i900 is said to support 3G and HSDPA networks. It features a 5 Megapixel camera, 8GB internal memory, a LCD touchscreen, Bluetooth, integrated FM tuner and a microSD card slot. The i900 will be powered by Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS.

The Samsung Omnia has been released under the version name SGH-i910 in North America, with Verizon Wireless as the network operator. The SGH-i910 has a speaker on the back and has CDMA instead of the GSM radio. The SGH-i910 still runs Windows Mobile 6.1 along with some added software such as Visual Voicemail.

All other features stay the same as the SGH-i900.The North American version of
the phone uses the same 624MHz chip used by other versions. This has been
confirmed by numerous North American users through the "settings" menu on the

Nokia E71 is a smartphone from the Eseries range

The Nokia E71 is a smartphone from the Eseries range, a Series 60 3rd Edition, second generation Feature Pack 1, device with a QWERTY keyboard targeting business users worldwide.

The Nokia E71 succeeded the Nokia E61/61i models, building on the base design and form factor but enhancing on the feature set. The silver white variant of the E71 also makes an appearance in the "Superwoman" music video by Alicia Keys.

Key Facts

Speaker phone --Yes
Software platformS60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1
Memory card type--Hot swappable microSD card (up to 8GB)
Standby time
--Up to 17 days
Internet and media
Video viewing --Yes
Messaging and
Email --Yes
Chat --Yes
Autofocus-- Yes
Image resolution -- 2048 x 1536
WCDMA (network
dependent) -- Yes

The Nokia E71 is full of positive points, and it is difficult to find anything negative about it. From a business perspective, the Nokia E71 is one of the best phones out there with its Smartphone capabilities and long battery life. The phone earns top marks in most other areas too and comes in as highly recommended.

Mobile operators new revenue streams

Mobile advertising offers operators a new way to drive business results and increase user satisfaction, according to a Comverse presentation at the upcoming Mobile Advertising 2009 in Amsterdam, a premier event for the mobile marketing and advertising industry.
Mobile operators familiar with the age-old problems of winning new customers and retaining existing ones, along with increasing average revenue per user and developing new revenue streams.

Recent economic conditions mean these issues will only become more acute, as operators look to cut costs and the pressure to grow the business becomes increasingly intense.

A key aspect for operators addressing these challenges is the modern application of customer relationship management (CRM) principles.

Two of the main drivers behind CRM are, of course, to keep customers from going elsewhere and to move them up the value chain. These are both a challenge in the evolving economic climate.

In terms of subscribers moving to other operators, ie. churning, the point of upgrade has traditionally represented a natural opportunity to switch between operators but as cash conscious-consumers often hang onto their phones for longer, the upgrade cycle may be extended.
This means that each upgrade matters so much more to an operator--it is more essential than ever to retain or win a customer around the switch than at any other time. If operators lose a subscriber today, they could be gone for two or more years.

Mobile Anti Virus In anti-virus company Kaspersky

Viruses from the desktop and laptop world have either migrated to, or are assisted in their dispersal by mobile devices. Antivirus vendors are beginning to offer solutions for mobile handsets. These devices present significant challenges for antivirus software, such as microprocessor constraints, memory constraints and new signature updates to these mobile handsets.

anti-virus company Kaspersky unveiled its new AV software for corporate mobiles phones – protecting all that valuable valuable data that you're bound to lose anyway in the back of a taxi at 3 in the morning.

The mouthful that is the Mobile Security Enterprise Edition protects the likes of Windows Mobile and Symbian phones from spam and malware and builds an SMS firewall. It’s a mystery why the likes of BlackBerry are missing from the suite, when they would be the perfect candidate and market for these types of business security modules.

Also thrown in for good measure is a bolt-in for those drunken exploits in the back of a taxi, when you do lose your mobile phone. An IT department can remotely access a handset with Kaspersky’s anti-theft module and block the phone from being used, or even wipe all contents with a simple text message.

Bundled into the mobile phone's protection suite is also a feature for SIM monitoring, where details of the SIM card being pulled from the handset are reported – where the same actions for having a handset lost can be performed too.

Mozilla has come up the desktop browser

A mobile browser, also called a microbrowser, minibrowser or wireless internet browser (WIB), is a web browser designed for use on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or PDA. Mobile browsers are optimized so as to display Web content most effectively for small screens on portable devices. Mobile browser software must be small and efficient to accommodate the low memory capacity and low-bandwidth of wireless handheld devices.

Mozilla has come up the desktop browser market with its innovative approach to add-ons and superior performance, earning itself 21.53 percent of the desktop browser market in the process.

While Mozilla has long lagged in mobile browsing, that seems set to change, if this video demonstrating gestures and other features of Mozilla's rapidly developing mobile Fennec browser is any indication:

Fennec Gestures and Chromeless browsing from Felipe on Vimeo.
Mozilla seems set to embrace and extend its own desktop experience with Fennec, giving even Apple a run for its money in mobile (and seemingly shuttering Microsoft's Windows Mobile efforts completely.

Other Mobile Browsers Are.....

Android browser

BlackBerry Browser


Danger browser


Internet Explorer Mobile

Iris Browser

Opera Mobile

Wapaka Browser

Web Browser for S60

Openwave Mobile Browser)

AAC is able to include 48 full-bandwidth

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is a standardized, lossy compression and encoding scheme for digital audio. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at many bit rates.

AAC has been standardized by ISO and IEC, as part of the MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 specifications. The MPEG-2 standard contains several audio coding methods, including the MP3 coding scheme.

AAC is able to include 48 full-bandwidth (up to 96 kHz) audio channels in one stream plus 16 low frequency effects (LFE, limited to 120 Hz) channels, up to 16 "coupling" or dialog channels, and up to 16 data streams.

Developed by the same organization that created the MP3 format, AAC files, or Advanced Audio Coding files, are an improvement over the quality and compression of MP3 files, but not enough of an improvement to overcome MP3’s popularity.

The AAC format was introduced in 1997 and works similar to MP3 because it only contains audio information that the human ear can hear. But AAC audio has more sample frequencies, more channels, more efficient coding and several other improvements over MP3.

The most popular company to use AAC files is Apple, which uses it for iPod audio devices and the Apple iTunes Music Store. Apple has created a DRM protected version of the AAC format, called FairPlay, which is sold at the iTunes Music Store.

The AAC format is extremely common only because of the success of the iPod and iTunes Music Store because there are few other companies or websites that use it.

3G growth rate in very high in Asia

3G is the third generation of telecommunication hardware standards and general technology for mobile networking, superseding 2.5G. It is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards under the IMT-2000.

3G networks enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency.

According to some industry observers, Third-Generation (3G) in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia and Singapore--currently the only two markets where such services are commercially available--has seen starkly different uptakes.

Figures from Singapore's industry regulator Infcomm Development Authority, indicate that, as of end-April, 8 percent of the country's 4.4 million mobile subscribers are 3G users--or over 360,000 users.

Alayne Wong, Asia-Pacific communications research manager at IDC, calls these numbers very encouraging.

"At the end of last year, only 4.1 percent of mobile lines were 3G. In just a few months, this number has doubled," she said, noting that IDC expects this number to grow to 50 percent by 2010. "In addition, 3G services are relatively new in Singapore, having been launched for only over a year."

Nathan Burley, research analyst at Ovum Asia-Pacific, agreed that Singapore's 3G adoption was also growing relatively well. At the start of the year to March 2006, 81 percent of net additions were 3G, he said. This number reflects well when compared to the 98 percent in net additions figure across Western Europe--the world's strongest growing region.

But, it is tough not to compare Singapore's 3G uptake to its northern neighbor Malaysia, especially since both countries launched 3G services at about the same time.

In comparison though, Malaysia's rate of growth has been significantly slower.

According to Wong, as at the first quarter of 2006, only 0.6 percent of all mobile lines in the country are 3G.

This is double the 0.3 percent figure at the end of last year, but overall growth numbers remain very low. Wong attributes the poorer 3G take-up to the lack of national network coverage for 3G, which is unlike Singapore where there is island-wide network coverage.

Malaysia focused its 3G deployment on pockets of high-density areas, she noted, starting with Klang Valley--its government and commercial capital--and then to major cities including Penang, Malacca and Johor Bahru, including the North-South Highway.

3G networks offer a greater degree of security than 2G predecessors. By allowing the UE to authenticate the network it is attaching to, the user can be sure the network is the intended one and not an impersonator. 3G networks use the KASUMI block crypto instead of the older A5/1 stream cipher. However, a number of serious weaknesses in the KASUMI cipher have been identified.

In addition to the 3G network infrastructure security, end to end security is offered when application frameworks such as IMS are accessed, although this is not strictly a 3G property.

A smartphone likely replace computers very soon

A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality. There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone.For some, a smartphone is a phone that runs complete operating system software providing a standardized interface and platform for application developers.

The capabilities of mobile devices have grown astronomically over the past couple of years. Even the most basic cell phones have features and functions that were only available for high-end devices or not available at all a short time ago. Smartphone capabilities have expanded even faster.

A smartphone isn’t likely to replace your computer, but with the addition of some well-selected applications, it can provide remarkable sources of information, connectivity, and entertainment.

There are thousands of applications available for mobile devices. Finding the best ones from among the available options can be a challenge, but with a bit of information you’ll be able to zero in on just what you’re looking.

Symbian is the most common operating system worldwide but is much less prominent in North America. It powers smartphones manufactured by numerous well-known companies including Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, and Fujitsu.

The App Store has been a huge success for Apple and by April 2009 hosted more than 30,000 applications. The app store delivered its billionth application to users on April 23, 2009.

Following the popularity of Apple's App Store, many other mobile platforms are following Apple with their own application stores. Palm, Microsoft and Nokia have all announced they will launch Apple-like app stores. RIM recently launched its app store, BlackBerry App World.

unique features about the iPhone OS

The iPhone OS or OS X iPhone is the operating system developed by Apple Inc. for the iPhone and iPod Touch.Like Mac OS X, from which it was derived, it uses the Darwin foundation.[3] iPhone OS has four abstraction layers: the Core OS layer, the Core Services layer, the Media layer, and the Cocoa Touch layer. The operating system takes less than half a gigabyte (GB) of the device's total memory storage.

The newest Apple cell phone to run a version of the iPhone OS inspired from Mac OSX is the iPhone 3G. This cell phone can support fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping and unlike older versions, enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, which is used for programs like Outlook. Of course, it also plays music, takes pictures and displays video.

One of the most unique features about the iPhone OS, compared to Blackberry’s OS, Microsoft Mobile, Symbian and Android is that nearly all interactions with the phone are conducted through the touch screen.

The OS translates swipes, taps, pinches and reverse pinches into commands, without the use of a traditional keyboard or other buttons. A second exclusive feature is the voicemail function that allows voicemails to be listened to in any order, rather than just in the order they were received.

Though thousands of third-party applications are available for the iPhone, the included applications include iTunes, Stocks, Weather, Notes, Maps with GPS, a calendar, calculator, an iPod-type music player, a YouTube app and of course, phone features such as a contact organizer and voicemail.

For web browsing, it uses a mobile version of Safari, which is compatible with 3G, EDGE and WiFi technology. The iPhone OS email feature supports most IMAP or POP mail types, including MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, Google’s Gmail and AOL.

HTC Dream(TM) and HTC Magic(TM) smartphones

The HTC Dream (also marketed as T-Mobile G1 in Europe and the US) is an Internet -enabled smartphone with an operating system designed by Google and hardware designed by HTC.

It was the first phone to the market that uses the Android mobile device platform.

The phone is part of an open standards

Rogers Wireless today announced the exclusive Canadian launch in June 2009 of the HTC Dream(TM) and HTC Magic(TM) smartphones, the first cellphones in Canada powered by the Android platform, allowing for fast and easy access to a wide range of Google(TM) mobile services, including Google Search(TM), Google Maps(TM), Gmail(TM) and more.

"Who else but Rogers would be the first carrier to offer Canadians the first chance to join the mobile revolution with a choice of not one, but two, handsets powered by the Android platform?", said John Boynton, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless.

"The HTC Magic offers a responsive touch screen and the HTC Dream delivers both a touch screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard. Both devices offer outstanding wireless internet search capabilities and a full suite of applications that run two times faster on Canada's fastest mobile network."

Verizon Wireless will introduce the highly-anticipated MiFi 2200

Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, owns and operates the largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, based on a total of 86.6 million U.S. subscribers,ahead of AT&T Mobility's 78.2 million subscribers.

On January 9, 2009, Verizon Wireless acquired Alltel Wireless in a deal valued at $28.1 billion. The acquisition expanded Verizon's wireless network to cover approximately 290 million people and established Verizon as the weight: bold;largest United States wireless carrier, based on number of subscribers. Alltel will remain a wholly owned subsidiary until mid 2009.

Verizon Wireless will introduce the highly-anticipated MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot on May 17. Developed by Novatel Wireless, the MiFi 2200 lets customers create a personal Wi-Fi cloud capable of sharing the reliability and high-speed Internet connectivity of the Verizon Wireless 3G Mobile Broadband network with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as notebooks, netbooks, cameras, gaming devices or portable media/MP3 players.

The MiFi 2200 is small enough to fit in a pocket, measuring 3.5" x 2.3" x 0.4" and weighing 2.05 ounces. It combines a variety of features into its streamlined form factor, including integrated internal CDMA and Wi-Fi antennas, advanced security and authentication technologies.

The MiFi 2200 gives more than 86 million customers access to the nation's largest and most reliable 3G network," said Mike Lanman, vice president and chief marketing officer for Verizon Wireless. "With projected growth rates of over 30 percent for Wi-Fi mobile phones, MiFi will be of great benefit to both business customers and consumers.

It gives customers the flexibility to transform their Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics into Mobile Broadband devices and to choose how and when they need to be connected at a price point that will match most budgets.

The MiFi 2200 offers unprecedented possibilities for students, mobile workers and families to all stay connected while on the go," said Peter Leparulo, chairman and chief executive officer, Novatel Wireless. "We are very pleased to work closely with Verizon Wireless to deliver the most advanced connectivity solutions possible to our combined customers."

Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012

"Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012" to its report gallery. The Indian mobile market has recorded stupendous growth over the past few years on the back of easy availability of low cost devices, better network coverage and affordable services. The uptrend in growth is expected to continue in near future owing to the lower teledensity, which currently hovers at around 30-35%.

Moreover, there is a wide gap between rural and urban areas in terms of mobile penetration. For instance - the mobile penetration in urban areas stood at around 70% in 2008 while in rural areas, it was pegged at less than 15%, indicating to the immense potential of Indian mobile market for future growth.

Nationwide deployment of 3G telecom services will help the country to bridge this huge gap, says our new research report, "Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012".

The report anticipates that the number of 3G mobile subscribers will surge at a CAGR of more than 250% by 2012 provided various factors/issues, critical to this growth, are adequately addressed and resolved. Besides, the report includes thorough analysis of 3G market potential in the Indian telecom market.

The projected growth in the Indian 3G market will largely depend upon the decision of Indian government to auction 3G frequencies. At present, state-owned BSNL and MTNL have been allowed to rollout 3G services in India while rest of the operators will be issued 3G spectrum via auction.

With the finishing of auction process, there will be massive investment in the domestic 3G deployments and the country will be able to reap the value of mobility by developing its telecom infrastructure for the propagation of this next generation technology.

BlackBerry Awarded for pioneering the wireless data industry

The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 as a two-way pager. In 2002, the more commonly known smartphone BlackBerry was released, which supports push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services as well as a multi-touch interface. It is an example of a convergent device.

Research In Motion (RIM) was honoured with the GSMA Chairman’s Award last night at the GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards ceremony. This award, established in 1995, is the Association’s most prestigious award and recognises outstanding contribution to the growth and development of mobile communications around the world.

In his presentation to RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, GSMA Chairman Alexander Izosimov stated that, “RIM’s commitment to innovation has revolutionized the wireless industry and laid the foundations which shaped the thriving smartphone market of today.

BlackBerry products and services have changed the way we communicate and interact, making businesses more productive and consumers better connected.”

On receiving the award, Jim Balsillie, Co-CEO of RIM, said, “This award is a testament to the talent and commitment of more than 12,000 RIM employees who are all focused on serving our customers and partners. We are more excited than ever by the opportunities ahead in our industry and we are honoured to be recognized with the Chairman’s Award.”

Apple previewed its iPhone OS 3.0 software

The iPhone 3G supports faster 3G data speeds and Assisted GPS.On March 17, 2009, Apple announced the iPhone firmware version 3.0, due to be released in mid 2009.Apple previewed its iPhone OS 3.0 software and announced the immediate availability of a beta software release to registered developers.

The iPhone OS 3.0 beta release includes an updated Software Development Kit (SDK) with over 1,000 new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including In-App Purchases; Peer-to-Peer connections; an app interface for accessories; access to the iPod® music library; a new Maps API and Push Notifications.
Apple also announced over 100 new features that will be available to iPhone and iPod touch users this summer including cut, copy and paste; MMS;* landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes; stereo Bluetooth; syncing Notes to the Mac® and PC; shake to shuffle; parental controls for TV shows, movies and apps from the App Store; and automatic login at Wi-Fi hot spots.

The iPhone OS 3.0 beta release will also include a new Voice Memo app and expanded search capability for all key iPhone apps, as well as Spotlight™ search across the iPhone or iPod touch.

Motorolla New MOTO VE465 is a flip phone

The latest is the most pleasing sight of Motorola’s new MOTO VE465 on its website. Nothing much has been said about this mobile phone elsewhere, except on the FCC. So we guess we are among the first, if not actually the first, to bring you the details on this cell phone.

As you will see from the pictures below, the MOTO VE465 is a flip phone, which possesses the looks and style that Motorola is famed for creating, along with being reasonable on the pocket as well. This cell phone looks really elegant, with a slim body and the usual external glass display that all MOTO models possess.

The CDMA MOTO VE465 comes with two lighting modes, “call” and “media”. The phone keys turn white while in “media” mode and blue in “call” mode. You can also play around with some nice features that include SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Stereo Bluetooth, USB sync, removable storage up to 4GB, music player and the ability to play music without having to open the flip lid. The keypad is designed with raised keys, so as to make dialing that much simpler.

Motorola truly delivers yet another rocking performance with the MOTO VE465, which is due for release in Q1 2009. You can choose from Titanium or Sterling Blue colors. The details of pricing are yet to be known.

Well looki here. Motorola apparently has a few tricks up its sleeve that might just surprise us in the coming year. Well they would have any way, if our trusty ninja didn’t come through with the goods! Moto fans, feast your eyes on four sexy handsets coming your way in what is shaping up to be Motorola’s final shot at survival. For the time being details are slim; in fact pretty much all we have are images, the knowledge that they’re all hitting Verizon Wireless, code names and a 2009 time frame (though we do know the RUSH 2 will be out during Q1, likely early in the quarter). We’re seeing some big changes here in terms of common styling cues from Moto - just look at the FLASH, pictured above. Sharp angles and raised, blended buttons - it actually looks pretty hot! There’s plenty more where that came from of course, so hit the jump for shots of the other three handsets.

The Boy Genius Report was founded by The Boy Genius in October of 2006. After writing for Engadget and Engadget Mobile, The Boy Genius, or "BG" as his friends like to call him, quickly gained a following and became a crowd favorite within the circles of the online gadget communities. With the rise in popularity of The Boy Genius’ columns and breaking news and scoops, a formal website front quickly transformed from a novelty to a necessity, and thus, Boy Genius was created

Android-based Sony Ericsson's mobile phone

Sony Ericsson's ceo Hideki Komiyama has recently stated that the company intends to take its time with the development of an Android-based mobile phone, yet it seems that it won't be that long before such a handset will come to the market, as recent reports state that the joint venture will release it before the end of the ongoing year.

Moreover, it seems that said Sony Ericsson Android-powered mobile phone will be launched on the market by the wireless carrier Orange, as the two companies have inked a deal for the release of the device “in time for the 2009 year-end holiday season.”

Sony Ericsson Open Handset Alliance, it was obvious they would be working on an Android Phone for 2009 release.

We have learned that the first Sony Ericsson Android Phone will be a high-end handset tentatively set for the summer of 2009.
This news comes from a Swedish article on IDG.
see that makes these two important points after translation to English:

We expect initially to focus on products in the higher segment, but later on we will also supplement with products for the broad mass market, “said Sony Ericsson’s spokesman, Garfield Brusewitz.

The first Androidtelefonerna from Sony Ericsson is expected to show up for the summer.

At least now we know how long we have to wait and hopefully Sony Ericsson can stay on track. Phandroids are craving more Androids!

As if that wasn’t enough, the news out of HTC - makers of the T-Mobile G1 among other amazingly hot handsets - seems it will ALSO have offerings in the summer of 2009!

Another Danish news source,, talks about how the first Android Phones will hit Denmark in 2009. But after translation to English, check out some of these crazy comments from an HTC exec Peter Frølund:

Yes, we come with one or more Android-products by the summer of 2009…
“I can say that we are working with a portfolio of models, and, yes, the ambition is that the phone comes with a Danish software,”Products? PORTFOLIO? Oh wow although we don’t know exactly what this means it sounds big. If they are working with a portfolio of products that certainly sounds like they’ll have the OPPORTUNITY to push out more than 1 or 2 Android Phones. ONE of these is likely the T-Mobile G1 with localized OS for the Danish language, you could guess/assume. But it sounds like HTC has more than just another G1 in the works.

Save up those vacation days if they carry over fiscal/calendar years and get ready to block off your entire Summer of 2009. It sounds like its shaping up to be the Summer of Android. Don’t worry… we’ll do our best to bring you the low down on the show down well before then

Nokia N97 made a discrete showing at CES

Palm Pre this past week with QWERTY-equipped, sliding touchscreen smartphone when it launches in the first half of 2009.Palm handhelds are Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) which run the Palm OS.

Palm devices have evolved from handhelds to smartphones which run both Palm OS and Windows Mobile This page describes the range of Palm devices, from the first generation of Palm machines known as the Pilot through to the latest models currently produced by Palm, Inc including their new Palm Centro line of consumer smartphones.

The Nokia N97 made a discrete showing at CES, bearing a newer (though still nowhere near final) software build than the version we last saw, and SlashGear sat down with the handset to find out some more details. After the cut, we talk Facebook, widgets and design decisions.

Nokia were clear that the device we’ve been seeing is nowhere near finalized. Not only is the software still to be changed, but the physical design, including plastics colors and other detailing, isn’t as it will be in-store. One side-effect is that the N97 you see in this demo - and in fact any other video demo - is not running at the final speed, which in the eventual release will be “much faster”; nonetheless, we found the handset to be relatively quick to respond.

A purposefully finalized hardware decision, though, is the touchscreen technology. While many would have liked to have seen Nokia use a capacitive panel, such as on the iPhone, the company claim the resistive screen was a conscious choice.

That’s primarily for the range of input options resistive allows: gloved use, for instance, or handwriting recognition. For the end-user, what it means is that you lose the zero-pressure control capacitive offers, but we didn’t find the N97’s touchscreen to be particularly difficult or unresponsive.

One seemingly must-have app on any new smartphone is Facebook access; Nokia couldn’t discuss with us how much input Facebook themselves had made in developing their app, which is expected to be available at launch. As with other software for the N97, it consists of two aspects: the main app, and a widget that can be embedded into the homescreen and that gives at-a-glance updates.

Nokia’s Victor Brilon, senior manager of N-series technology collaboration, was keen to clarify that the homescreen widgets are not merely “tickers” that take you straight to the main program, but interactive in their own right. It will take advantage of the always-on network connection to give real-time updates of status, comments and other details.

Wi-Fi allows local area networks

Wi-Fi allows local area networks (LANs) to be deployed without wires for client devices, typically reducing the costs of network deployment and expansion. Spaces where cables cannot be run, such as outdoor areas and historical buildings, can host wireless LANs.

Wireless network adapters are now built into most laptops. The price of chipsets for Wi-Fi continues to drop, making it an economical networking option included in even more devices. Wi-Fi has become widespread in corporate infrastructures.

There are a number of reasons for a company to implement wireless networking.
Wi-Fi makes it much easier for workers to connect to the LAN from their laptops in conference rooms, break rooms and other areas that may not have wired Ethernet jacks, or may not have enough for the number of people present.

A wireless network also provides a way to allow visitors to access the Internet with their laptops or handhelds--for example, to check their e-mail.

Rolling out a wireless LAN within your organization, however, is more complicated than just plugging in a wireless access point (WAP). You need to address a number of factors in the planning stage to ensure both accessibility and security. Here are some of the things you should consider as you prepare to go wireless.

Spectrum assignments and operational limitations are not consistent worldwide. Most of Europe allows for an additional 2 channels beyond those permitted in the U.S. for the 2.4 GHz band.Japan has one more on top of that. Europe, as of 2007, was essentially homogeneous in this respect.

Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for certified products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. This certification warrants interoperability between different wireless devices.The term Wi-Fi is often used by the public as a synonym for wireless LAN (WLAN); but not every wireless LAN product has a Wi-Fi certification, which may be because of certification costs that must be paid for each certified device type.

If you have a bunch of Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home that share the same wireless network, the WiFi Samurai help you help you access all of your Wi-Fi networks with the click of a button.

It will store you Wi-Fi settings in the cloud allowing one click network access from any of your mobile devices. You don’t have to remember those complex network SSIDs, passwords or encryption and authentication types.

So if you update the network configuration details at one place, each of your mobile device and computer will automatically get updated with the new settings.

WiFi Samurai is Google App Engine powered service and hence you may use your existing Google Account to login and payment can be made via Google Checkout ($3 per 3 months). Works with Android phones, Windows Mobile, Vista and XP systems.

3G is the third generation of telecommunication

3G is the third generation of telecommunication... hardware standards and general technology for mobile networking, superseding 2.5G. It is based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) family of standards under the IMT-2000.3G networks enable network operators to offer users a wider range of more advanced services while achieving greater network capacity through improved spectral efficiency. Services include wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls, and broadband wireless data, all in a mobile environment. Additional features also include HSPA data transmission capabilities able to deliver data rates up to 14.4 Mbit/s on the downlink and 5.8 Mbit/s on the uplink.

3g Tags

"Indian 3G Mobile Forecast to 2012" to its report gallery. The Indian mobile market has recorded stupendous growth over the past few years on the back of easy availability of low cost devices.


Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for certified products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. This certification warrants interoperability between different wireless devices.

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